Textile Care

    • Gentle wash on a low heat (max 30°C) without the use of conditioners, bleaches or brighteners, as this can damage the z-liner
    • Remove the protectors before washing and ensure that the Velcro fastenings are closed
    • Hang dry, away from a heat source and do not tumble dry as the excessive heat may damage the z-liner
    • All textile riding garments are coated to prevent water soaking into the fabric. The coatings act to allow water to run off the fabric without soaking up moisture and preventing the garment from getting heavier and the rider from getting cold. These coatings will wear away over time, dependent on the use and weather conditions
    • When the coating is wearing away then the garment can be recoated using a non-silicone based treatment that is either available as a spray or as a wash-in solution

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